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Thanks to some very generous gifts, Houston’s Hebrew Order of David Lodge Galil has begun a scholarship fund in memory of Nat Levy, who was HOD Lodge Galil’s elder statesman. This scholarship will add tremendous value to the fledgling lodge, which started in Houston in November 2015.  As Nat always lamented the state of his Jewish education, growing up in Pretoria, South Africa, the fund is dedicated to helping families with the cost of a Jewish day school education at the primary school level.

Nat Levy, who earned the special title of “Worthy Brother,” would regularly educate members about the traditions and history of the fraternity. He was greatly respected by members throughout the world – with lodges in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Israel and South Africa. He entered the Hebrew Order of David many years ago, joining the board of the Otto Warburg Lodge in Pretoria, South Africa, in 1963.

The Nat Levy Scholarship fund is held at the Houston Jewish Community Foundation. The Levy family made a generous donation to the fund to start it, HOD Lodge Galil added to the scholarship from its own Tikkun Olam charity fund and this project was partially underwritten by funding from the Goldstaub Community Special Needs Fund of the Houston Jewish Community Foundation.

The Nat Levy Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)3.  To make a tax-deductible donation to the Nat Levy Scholarship Fund, go to HOD Lodge Galil at

Thanks to the Jewish Herald Voice for publishing this article announcing the fund in the Thursday Dec. 24, 2020 edition on page # 8.


We have asked the Jewish Day Schools in the area to recommend three families from each school that they determine for whom the scholarship would be most meaningful.  We will NOT be further evaluating each application on these bases.

Awards will be made on the basis of a letter written by the families discussing the topic from that year's application.  In addition, there are two "tie-breaker" questions - a special needs diagnosis, or relationship to a member of HOD.

We anticipate making awards by the beginning of the school year each year.

We intend to publicize the numbers of awards and the schools to which they will be made, but will not publicize the names of awardees.  We will ask the schools to notify the awarded families.

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